An Inspiring Look At Vintage Watches

Men’s Style Pro is a male clothing and accessory blog. They do an exceptional job at providing their viewers with a quality look at the new styles, and brands that people want to know about. However they don’t favor the big brands, they tend to spotlight more on smaller retailers like Theo and Harris.

Theo and Harris are the owners of an online vintage watch retailer business. The have a shared goal to introduce the world to vintage watches at affordable prices… sounds like a pretty good idea! However that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They also run the “help NY” campaign where they donate a portion of the proceeds from every watch sold, to The Bowery Mission & the Coalition For The Homeless. Not only are they successfully running an online business, but they are also finding a way to help people in serious need. I find that pretty inspiring. Ultimately the blog site, Men’s Style Pro, is a pretty awesome place to find great stories like this that assist you in every day fashion, but has that extra touch that makes it special.

Theo and Harris: Inspirational Designs


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